Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Ballet Performance

Last Saturday, Mandy’s ballet class (plus two other classes) paid a visit to a nursing home.  They sang a couple of fun Christmas songs,


and then started in on their performance.


It is always so fun to watch little kids “dance”.  It always brings a smile to my face.  And I think it also brightened the day of some of the residents.













I am really glad Mandy got the opportunity to do that.  She has the sweetest dance instructor.  Ms. Jan is so much fun and ever so thoughtful.


Laurel Shaw said...

That is really cool to go to a Nursing Home! I'm sure the people LOVED getting such a special treat!
Mandy looks so cute! We watched The Nutcracker Ballet on PBS last night. Those ballerina's are amazing!! Makes me crazy for when Ida can start. She'll probably hate it!!
Maybe we can go to the same studio as you!

Casey Gentle said...

That is SOOO sweet. We used to perform places like that when I was in Showtime with Kim. Some of them are enjoying it and they don't even know it!! I have found you if you look hard, there is a prophet look-a-like or two in each nursing home. Looks like a little Howard W. Hunter, Lorenzo Snow and Harold B. Lee...just a little.