Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Photos

When Christmas rolls around, we always try to get a good family photo done.  I think this is a pretty standard practice with a lot of families :)  We always take enough that at least one or two of them turn out good enough to go on the Christmas card and to hang on the wall.  But to be quite honest, my favorite ones aren’t necessarily the “perfect” ones with everyone looking and everyone smiling that I use on the Christmas card.  I think all the other not so perfect ones actually make me smile more!  So here are a few of our out takes that made me smile!


This one is a personal favorite – let’s just say I was pushing the wrong button and no one was ready!!!


Anyone noticing a pattern here of why most of these pictures didn’t make the Christmas card cut?  One word – LAYTON!


I love my little family!


Kim Jarvis said...

I love your little family too!

Layton + Kate = Double Trouble! But at least they are good for some laughs!

Laurel Shaw said...

so cute!
Love that old house.
and you DO have an awesome family!

Kelly said...

Oh I loved every single one! We usually have 2 or 3 issues in each pic we take! I have to threaten lives.
Merry Christmas! Loved your card.. Darling! Miss you all!!

Kelly said...


Lena said...

Ok, I couldn't stop laughing out loud. Your little Layton, ahahaha. What a cute family! And I think the best Christmas card is where you can see a real personality of a person and Layton did great :)))))0

minnieshuler said...

I'm surprised at what a nice background the old stairs make. Your photos look so alive. Love the rejects too.