Thursday, December 29, 2011

Skating Again!

Last Thursday, we met up with some of my cousins that I discovered lived over here just a couple months ago at Skate Station.  This time around I was able to convince all three to go out there and skate!


They have these really awesome of “trainer” skates for little ones.  They don’t allow you to roll very fast and so Layton was able to get out there on his own and really go!


Mandy on the other hand had to use regular skates.  She spent most of the time there clinging to the wall :)


But she did eventually get a little more adventurous and gave it a good try.  She never really got the hang of it, but she is excited about and wants to try again.  Hopefully we can go again soon so that she can really learn how to do it.


And Dallin, well – he is now an old pro at it.  He went skating around the rink no problem!!!



Laurel Shaw said...

My boys want to go! maybe we could be your buddies next time!!

minnieshuler said...

I bought a copy of Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys...makes me think of skating every time I hear it, and Mama Doris. Your pictures do too. Love you.