Friday, February 10, 2012

Adventure in the Woods

I love that our house is right next to a nice little wooded area.  The kids love to go exploring in it.


They have even found a tiny little pond and a big hill back there.


I know this hasn’t exactly been like a normal winter, but we have sure enjoyed all the sunshine and pleasant days.


It definitely gives us something to smile about!



Becky Shuler said...

That looks like an Indian Burial Mound. Probably not but looks interesting. Mema

Stacy said...

This has been the best winter ever! No snow, fabulous temperatures... my last ray of sunshine before we descend into the white wasteland that is winter in the midwest (where most of John Deere is located).

Kelly said...

Oh we miss those trees, the warm days to go on adventures.. we miss you! Looks like such a perfect way to spend a day in January! Soak it up for me!The pic with the trees and the sun poking threw is Awesome!