Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

The kids headed off to school today super excited to give away the special valentines that they had made.  We normally just do the little store bought ones, usually with their favorite character on them.  But this year, I wanted to do something more personalized.  Using Pinterest will do that to you.  So I saw this little idea that was used as goodies at a birthday party and turned them into valentines instead.IMG_2603

The kids had so much fun putting them together.



To make them, we just used these little Wilton treat bags.


On Dallin and Layton’s bags that had loose candy in them, we put a piece of tape across the top to keep the candy secure.


For the labels I used some digital scrapbook stuff that I had on hand to create them and then printed them out.


I think they turned out super cute and the kids thought they were pretty special.


Hope you all have an AWESOME, ROCKIN’, HAPPY Valentine’s Day today too!


Stacy said...

They are adorable, and Annabelle was ecstatic when hers came in the mail (you are so thoughtful)! This is one I'll be saving for the future... better get on Pinterest and pin it. :)

Kim Jarvis said...

My girls loved them too! Thanks for thinking of them and Happy Valentine's Day!

Casey Gentle said...

SOOO cute! You are so good. When my kids get older, I'm going to come back to your posts and just copy every thing you do. :)

Kelly said...

Love em.. So Stink'n Cute! You are Awesome!

Laurel Shaw said...

Happy Valentines day!

The Jackson Family said...

Such a cute idea. You are so creative! :)

Janie Mueller said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Gonna borrow that idea for Wyatt's B-day party this year;)

Pam said...

What a cute idea! I really love things that can be personalized. Now I have my idea for Valentine's Day next year for Nicholas' class. Thanks for sharing! : )

Becky Shuler said...

I am surprised that any chocolate got past Mandy's mouth! What fun and so memorable! Mema