Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Mandy lost one of her front teeth last week.  Now she only has the one left and it is super loose.  It is literally dangling there.

She totally has the Nanny McPhee smile going on, don’t you think?

Nanny McPhee


Nana said...

But only in the tooth. She's much too pretty to be Nanny McPhee.

Mandi said...

So funny that little tooth is totally Nanny McPhee. But of course Nana is right that face is way to cute. Good luck with the tooth Fairy Mandy. She will be visiting our house too!

Laurel Shaw said...

I'm sure she wouldn't mind having her magic too!
Good Luck Mandy on losing the tooth!

Becky Shuler said...

Too funny! Yes, they look exactly alike except for Mandy's beautiful, shiny hair, glowing dark eyes, colorful and lively cheeks...yep...just alike! Mema.