Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Going a little Bread Crazy!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I am having so much fun with my Nutrimill.  I’ve been trying out all kinds of different baked goods and breads.  Here are just a few to give you an idea of what I’ve been playing around with:

Oat, Whole Wheat, and Flax Seed


The oat flour/whole wheat combination made for a more dense almost pound cake like texture.  It had a great flavor and really nice softness.

Whole Wheat


This is a standard whole wheat loaf (thanks Stacy for the recipe!).  It made for GREAT sandwiches.  See that thick slice of cheese in there?  That is what we dubbed “caveman cheese”.  It was a random cheese that we picked up at BJs that had been aged in a mountain cave.  It has such a nice flavor.  Combine the bread, a little ham, caveman cheese, and some crisp romaine and you’ve got yourself one fantastic sandwich!!!

Egg Bread


I think this one has been our absolute favorite so far.  It is so rich tasting and absolutely delicious!  In the words of Dallin:

“Mom, this tastes like real bread (i.e. store bought bread) – ONLY BETTER!”

Found the recipe for it here.  The original recipe called for all purpose flour, but substituting whole wheat flour worked great.  Also, what you see up there is only HALF of the recipe, so unless you are wanting A LOT of bread, I would half the recipe.  I also added a couple extra tablespoons of sugar because we like our bread a little sweet.

For my next bread projects I’m going to tackle French Bread and Sourdough Bread.  I’ve got the sourdough starter going on my counter now.  We’ll see how it goes!

P.S. To anyone that lives close by, if you have some wheat stored that you’d like to grind to try it out but don’t have a grinder yet, you are welcome to stop by to use mine.  It takes less than 5 minutes to grind a whole #10 can.  If you are wanting to do that, just let me know.  A little hint though – if you have been storing the wheat for a while, you’ll need to open it  up and pour it into a bowl and let it sit out for a few days to get rid of the “canned” smell/taste.  Some people suggest using two large bowls and every so often pouring the wheat from one bowl to another to get better aeration.  I opened a can that was 10 years old and it took about 4 days of sitting out and switching from one bowl to another before the smell went away.


minnieshuler said...

look at all that goodness oozing out of my little Kat...and to think she's blonde too. Love it Kat. Looks so tasty.

Becky Shuler said...

Could you forward Stacey's Whole Wheat Bread recipe? I cooked 3 pans of sandwich buns yesterday in my solar ovens. Really moist and good. A bit heavy though. Cannot wait for TOFW!!!!!!!

Pam said...

The breads you've been trying look really delicious! Thanks for the tip about airing out the wheat. : )

Kim Jarvis said...

Looks yummy! I love bread!