Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Great Season as Catcher

Dallin is playing the catcher position again this season.


As usual, he is doing an awesome job!


And taking it very very seriously.  A little too seriously for my taste.  But at least he is really applying himself.


I just wish he would put as much effort into to school work as he does into baseball!!!


He sure loves it.  Even if it does hurt every now and then.  He came home last night from practice with blood all over his shirt and a swollen nose.  Apparently he accidently used his nose to try to catch a pop fly.  But that didn’t deter him.  Nathan said that after it stopped bleeding he got right back out there and started playing again!  He’s got a game tonight.  Wish him luck!


Nana said...

I love that boy and always wish him luck. He's bound for wonderful things in his life!

Laurel Shaw said...

That's kinda funny he got hit in the nose at baseball!! Hayden got hit in the nose with a ball last night at church!! and there was blood too!
Dallin looks amazing in those pictures!

Stacy Pettersen said...

Go Dallin, we'll be rooting for you in spirit!

Kelly said...

Go Fight Win!! Way to be tough Dallin! Wish I could come watch. Looks like we might have a lil Jonny Bench on our hands.

Kim Jarvis said...

I broke my nose once from getting hit by a baseball! Not fun! It's great that he's doing so well in baseball though! We're cheering him on in spirit too!