Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Girls Camp Hike

To get ready for girl’s camp this year, all of the girls had to go on a 3 mile hike.  They all met up at Jennings State Forest for a little trek through the woods.


Layton and Mandy came with me to take a few photos before we headed out to Dallin’s Baseball game.  They were super excited about the feathers they found!


Before getting started, the girls each received a glove for picking up trash.  This was the day before Earth Day, so in addition to hiking, they would also be helping with the big clean up effort at the park.


Layton and Mandy showed them the way to go.


Not really, but they thought they were :)  After snapping a few photos of the girls heading out on the trail we left because Dallin was playing baseball that morning.


I’m thinking that was a very good idea on our part.  Everyone that I talked to after the hike said the number of ticks was insane!!!  It’s like they were swarming the area.  Some people were covered with them!  Crazy!  I sure hope it’s not going to be like that at the camp we are going to this summer! Ick!

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Nana said...

Me, too! however I'm only going from the cabin to the kitchen so I should be ok. I don't think we will be hiking out there until the cold weather comes back and kills the ticks. Too bad. Maybe our hikes in the mountains won't be like that.