Friday, May 25, 2012


Last year for Mandy’s birthday, she got a butterfly kit.  To be honest we had kind of forgotten about it, but then a few weeks ago, she pulled it out and wanted to try hatching a butterfly.  So we ordered the caterpillars and got it all started!


After about a week of growing the caterpillars started building their chrysalis.


We moved them to the butterfly habitat to hatch.


About a week or so later, they did!  It was so fun and exciting to see them!


After a few days of watching them, we decided to release them.  We tried doing it out by our flower bed in hopes that they would stick around.


But nope!  Those things flew out of there faster than I could take a picture of them!  Seriously, they were obviously very excited to be free!


Laurel Shaw said...

That's so cool!
But sorry they didn't stick around.

Stacy Pettersen said...

Wow, that is really amazing! Where did you get that kit? I'd love to do that with the girls someday!