Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Always my Baby

Life after death and resurrection are hot topics in our house.  Honestly it gets mentioned almost daily.  I think much of it has to do with the fact that my dad and Mama Doris are talked about frequently and so it just goes naturally that us being together with them after we die is mentioned often.

Because of this, Layton has gotten it into his head that he will get to choose how old he will be when he is resurrected.  And who knows, maybe he’s right!  Since he has decided that he gets to choose how old he is going to be, he told me that he was going to be 4 when he is resurrected so that he will always be my little boy.


Then one day I mentioned that he was getting so big that I could barely pick him up and that soon I wouldn’t be able to carry him around anymore.  A few minutes after I said that, he turned to me and said that he had changed his mind, he wants to be 2 when he is resurrected so that he will always be my baby and so he won’t be too heavy for me to carry.


I have to admit, I honestly wouldn’t mind.  He was awfully cute when he was 2!!!!


Laurel Shaw said...

made me cry. so sweet.

Jaren said...

He is such a deep thinker!

minnieshuler said...

Even when he is old he will be your baby.