Thursday, January 31, 2013


I was very proud of Dallin this past nine weeks.  He is not the greatest of students.  Not that he isn’t smart, just that he is just not that in to it.  He would much rather day dream that do school work.  He hasn’t yet fully grasped the importance of it.  But he still does ok.  He makes the A-B honor roll each 9 weeks.


And he is starting to develop a love of reading.  He thinks Percy Jackson is awesome!  I would have to agree!


I was really happy this past 9 weeks that his teacher recognized how hard he is trying in reading.  Ms. Cavins decided to award him with the Accelerated Reading Award.


I hope this will encourage him to keep reading!


Nana said...

Love that boy! Keep up the good work, Dallin.

minnieshuler said... boast. That is something to be proud of. Love it.