Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we had a simple dinner of soup, salad, fruit, and bread.  I love simple meals like that.  We followed it up with a reading of Luke 2.  The kids memorized some of the verses and took turns reciting the story of Christ’s birth.  Interspersed were a few traditional Christmas songs and Dallin played the First Noel for us.

This is his first attempt at a song using two hands.  I was really proud of him for working so hard at it!

After that, the kids opened their gifts to each other.  Our ward has a Santa’s Workshop every year where everyone donates items that they no longer want/need and then the kids can pick things from it to give to their siblings and family members.


Dallin LOVED what Layton picked out for him.


And Layton LOVED what Dallin picked out for him.


Mandy came away from the exchange pretty happy too!  I think I’m going to have to borrow her book from her though.  Nancy Drew brings back so many memories of elementary school!  I’m pretty sure I read every single one our elementary school library had :)


I love what they picked out for Nana.  My favorite is the pick-up sticks that Layton gave her.


You know she’s going to use them ALL the time :)

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Nana said...

And what a fun night it was. I did love my gifts!