Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Morning

Santa left a pile of presents for the kids!


They came running in and tore right into them.


Some of Layton’s favorites:


He TOLD me he was getting a Mater!!!!!


A few of Mandy’s many surprises:


My favorite being this one.  Although I think I like it more than she does.  I think I’ll just have to order one for me!


And Dallin’s awesome haul:


Even Nathan got a few gifts.   The one from Dallin was his favorite – COAL in his stocking!


And he even liked the one from me.  It is an absolutely beautiful CD of hymns done in a non-traditional more folk song way.  I love them too!


After ripping open all the presents we enjoyed our traditional breakfast of crepes.  Nathan make a claim that he can put one together better than I can.  So I put his theory to the test and polled the expert world of Facebook.


I won 11 to 0.  I think we all knew it would turn out that way.  :)

After my big win, the kids spent some time playing with their gifts.


Even Nathan got in on the Lego Beauty shop action.


Good times!


Mandi said...

Love all the traditions! The kiddos are so cute. We love that Mandy! YOU won by a long shot... tell Nathan sorry but you won it. Love all the Christmas eve fun as well. Also tell Mrs. Staab I cant wait till next year Harris gets to have all that fun like Mr. Layton.

Nana said...

So fun! Glad to have you nearby to enjoy the rest of the day with. Love you.