Thursday, March 7, 2013

Field Trip in St. Augustine

Dallin’s class had a field trip planned last November to go see the Fort in St. Augustine.  But, the day arrived and it was POURING rain.  So they canceled it and rescheduled for January!  And so we headed out to St. Augustine on a slightly chilly but absolutely beautiful day!


The kids all loved the tour of the fort,


but the most interesting area to them – the bathrooms.  Back then the fort used the power of the tide to clean out their waste.  Needless to say, when the tide was coming in you might want to avoid the bathrooms. But when the tide was going out – they were at their cleanest, so that was the best time to go!


After the fort, we took a trolley tour of the downtown area.


Then took a short break for lunch,


and headed to the old school house.


It was nice to get to spend the day with Dallin!


Laurel Shaw said...

Hayden goes in April. But he wants his daddy to go with him. :(
I will miss out!
But it looks like you guys had a great day!
Dallin is a great kid!

Kim Jarvis said...

I remember being fascinated by the bathrooms there when I was a kid!

Your sunny St. Augustine pictures are making me very homesick!