Thursday, March 14, 2013

You needed me because I’m cute….

At the dinner table the other night, somehow the conversation started in on how many people were in our family and how many children the kids think should be in our family.  Mandy pipes up with “I think that you should have just had one boy and one girl.”  We all point out the fact that if this were the case, then we wouldn’t have Layton.  Layton starts to get in a little huff and we try to assure him that we NEED him in this family.


After a few minutes of thought and poutiness, his expression brightens and he declares “You needed me because you needed a cute one.”   And while he is indeed cute, I’m guessing he is pretty much telling Dallin and Mandy that they aren’t :)   Don’t you just love dinner time conversation!

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KYLIA said...

Awwww! Sounds like you also needed a smarty pants one! :) He's so cute!