Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Cutest Layton…

is FIVE today!

We sure have enjoyed these past five years with this little boy.


He has been loved since the moment he was born.



He has given us more to laugh at and smile about than we ever imagined possible.IMG_3276IMG_3653IMG_2482

The first day of spring is the perfect birthday for him, because he is certainly full of life!


And full of lots of love!

IMG_11211IMG_5234 copy

He is quirky, cute, sweet, demanding, spunky, smart and funny. 


The world just wouldn’t be a happy place without him!


And this is so so true on a daily basis with him:

Layton Invitation Side2 copy

We love you Layton!  Happy Birthday!


Melanie Shuler said...

These pictures are so adorable!! Give Layton a happy birthday hug for me. Love y'all! ♡Mel

Nana said...

yes he is all of these things and we love him very much! happy birthday Layton bug.

Stacy Pettersen said...

Happy Birthday Layton, we love you too!

KYLIA said...

Happy Birthday, Layton!! Hope nobody makes you and your birds angry today!!! Love you!

Kim Jarvis said...

What a cute post! I was late getting his card in the mail - he should be getting it soon. Sorry! Hope that he has a great birthday!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Layton! You are pretty cute that's for sure!!

Becky said...

That was from laurel. sorry. my comp is broken and im using granny shaw's.

minnieshuler said...

So special. All my love