Thursday, May 9, 2013

Easter Baskets and Easter Egg Hunting

The Easter Bunny comes on Saturdays at our house.  The kids set out their baskets the night before and then that mischievous bunny fills up their baskets with goodies and then hide them.  Layton found his first.  It was under the end table in the living room.  He was so fast at finding it, I didn’t even get a picture!  I’m thinking the Easter Bunny may have to hide it harder next time!  His favorite gift?  A one month membership to the online game “Moshi Monsters”.  He loves it!


Mandy’s was hidden in the shower.  She was super excited about her cute new bathing suit.


Dallin’s was hidden GOOD.  It was in the garage behind the recycle bins.


After enjoying their goodies for a while.  They invited over some of their neighborhood friends and we had a little egg hunt.


Everyone came inside and enjoyed the spoils!


Well that is, everyone except Layton.  After finding eggs, he headed straight back to the computer to continue his Moshi Monster fun.  He was obsessed!


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