Wednesday, May 8, 2013


On returning from our fun but cold camping trip, my mom drove over to celebrate the Passover with us.  It has become an annual tradition.  Good company, yummy food, and so many reminders of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Seriously, the Passover meal is one of the very best ways to help children understand the meaning of the sacrament and the miracles that God has performed to save His people.


No to mention the kids love getting to eat on fancy china and drink grape juice from fancy cups!  I was so happy and surprised by how much they remembered from last year’s dinner.   They remembered most of what was represented on the Seder plate.  Bitter herbs to represent the bitterness of the Israelites lives as slaves, charoset to represent the mortar they prepared day in and day out to build the Egyptian kingdom, a spring vegetable to represent the growth of new hope when they learned of their deliverer, salt water to represent their tears of sorrow in slavery and their tears of joy in freedom, red beets to represent the blood smeared over their doors so that the destroying angel would pass over their homes, and an egg to represent their new life of freedom.


I am so grateful for traditions and what they mean to our family.

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