Monday, June 10, 2013

Science Fair Project

This is the first year Dallin had to do a science fair project.  Luckily, his teacher made it pretty easy on us and gave us a website to go to where Dallin could simply pick out a project to do.  The website spelled out each step of the process and made it pretty easy to do!  But even though it was relatively easy, it was still a pretty interesting project.

Dallin decided to learn a little bit about creating electricity.  He found a project that allowed you to produce electrical current with the use of coins – specifically nickels and pennies.  Grandpa let us borrow his multi-meter to measure the current. 



Prep work:  Washing the coins, cutting paper towels to hold the electrolyte solution, and making the solution


Building the voltaic stack – one penny, soaked paper towel, one nickel, soaked paper towel, and so on


Taking the measurements:


Dallin had lots of fun doing it!  Plus he got a 100 on his project – Awesome!


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Nana said...

Way to go Dallin!