Monday, August 26, 2013

Shipwreck Island

Thanks to awesome buy one get one free tickets we were able to take the kids to Shipwreck Island this summer.  I didn’t get many pictures because I spent most of my time in the water and I didn’t want to leave my camera sitting out somewhere so I took a few pictures and locked it away in a locker.  That’s ok though.  We a had a fantastic time!


It took Layton until it was almost time to leave before we could convince him to go down one of the slides.  But when he finally did, I bet he rode down that slide at least 50 times!  Dallin and Mandy were tall enough that they could go on the bigger rides as well.  I think our favorite was the flume ride that you go down by twos on tubes.  It even had a part that used the force of water to make you go uphill and then rushed you right back down.  It was awesome!

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