Friday, August 23, 2013

Spending the night at Grandma and Papa’s House

One night during the summer, Dallin had the great opportunity of spending the night with Grandma and Papa.  He had an AWESOME good time.  I think Papa had almost every minute planned out to make sure they had a good time.  Dallin was especially happy to get to use the new fishing rod that Papa had given him for his birthday.  Papa gifted Dallin his old tackle box for Dallin to use.  AND – they even caught a fish!!!

Dallin's 1st fish

Papa sent me an e-mail of all the things they did so that Dallin could write them down in his journal:

  • 1. Played 3 Papa games
  • 2.Helped papa pick and clean collards (I showed Papa a better way to remove the stem)
  • 3. Played a fun drawing game with Grandma and Papa while sitting in the gazebo.
  • 4. Picked 5 tomatoes and wrapped them in newspaper to help them ripen. Tasted some Mint from the garden
  • 5. Watched the original Wizard of Oz Movie with & Papa
  • 6. Learned to tie a fishing line and cast my new fishing pole
  • 7. Went fishing with Papa & Danny and caught my very 1st fish
  • 8. Learned "not" to put a fishing lure in my pocket.
  • 9. Learned how to sharpen a knife.
  • 10. Had fun skating on their big driveway.
  • 11. Enjoyed having lunch at Wendy's.
  • 12. Went swimming with Papa and Danny and really liked the tall slide.
  • 13. Enjoyed having a great dinner that Grandma cooked with my great-grandparents and Danny and Dad.

Dallin can’t wait to do it again next summer!

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Becky Shuler said...

I know about putting a fishing lure in a only do that once! What a great fish Dallin there anything he does not do well?

If you know a better way to remove the stems from collards please let me know, too. And I didn't know we could grow collards this time of the year.